Sierra #8430 10mm 150gr JHP 100/Bx

Sierra #8430 10mm 150gr JHP 100/Bx


Sierra #8430
10mm 150gr JHP 100ct Box

These bullets are designed to meet even the most demanding shooter’s needs. This bullet was introduced in 1988. They provide rapid, controlled expansion for defensive use or on game up to large varmints at ranges out to 100 yards. Their unique design also produces excellent accuracy for competitive events. The International Practical Shooting Confederation shooter needs only 1100 fps muzzle velocity with the 150 grain #8430 bullet to make “major.” One also can use any of these bullets in an “old timer,” the 38-40 Winchester (38 WCF), made popular in both single-action revolvers and rifles for Cowboy Shooting. However, these bullets are not legal for competition. Special provisions may be required for crimping (since these bullets have no cannelure for roll crimping) and expanding ball size in reloading dies for the 38-40.



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